Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Coaching is partnering with people and teams to obtain progress towards the goal that the client sets. Coaching is a discovery-based process where we explore strategies and solutions together. A coach is not there to provide answers but to help you draw on your own strengths and insights to maximize potential. As a Christian coach, I start with the belief that each of us is a beloved child of God, gifted with everything that we need for a successful ministry, and called to build God’s kingdom. A coach is there to “bring out” your own gifts and assist you in focusing on a particular area, issue or concern in your ministry or personal life. We offer in-person coaching for individuals within a 30 minute drive of Austin, TX, or coaching via Zoom for those outside of our area.

Mission and Vision Consulting

A church’s mission and vision are closely related and often the terms are used interchangeably. However, strictly speaking, a vision is a long-term picture of exactly who or what your church hopes to become. A vision describes how would like to be defined. A church’s vision should be unique, given its history, setting, goals, and members.

A mission defines how you will achieve your vision. The mission describes the specific actions that your church will take to become who God is calling you to be. Working with your church leadership team, Spirit at Work consultants can help refine your long-term vision of what you hope to be, and your mission of exactly how you will achieve your vision.

Strategic Planning

Like a business, every church needs a one-, five- and sometimes even ten-year plan to help achieve your mission and vision. Spirit at Work can assist in planning and facilitating annual strategic planning meetings to allow everyone to participate in brainstorming and dreaming, without having to plan meetings and direct activities yourself.

Seminars and Workshops

Spirit at Work also offers a number of seminars and workshops that can be of interest to your congregation in either an all-church, or Sunday school setting, including:

  • Workplace Spirituality
  • Finding and Fulfilling Your Calling
  • Christian Mindfulness
  • The Six Dimensions of Spiritual Wholeness
  • Identifying Your SpiritType
Austin’s first business focused exclusively on “spiritual but not religious” workplace coaching and consulting.