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Having “The Talk” at Work

We all have encountered conversations in ministry that we’d prefer not to have, whether it is dealing with staff conflict, challenging a disruptive church member, or confronting a more serious issue of misconduct. While we all have different levels of “conflict tolerance,” giving bad news is never fun. And, as […]

The Spiritual Gift of Creativity

Like most parents, I’ve always been proud of my two kids. And, running in upper-middle class, highly educated circles, kids were always a topic of discussion at most adult gatherings, especially when it came to colleges. “Where is your child going?” “What are they majoring in?” Imagine my surprise when […]

Resiliency: Bounce Back Better

Every year in high school, our marching band took a week-long trip to participate in a competition somewhere in the US. It was a fun and exciting time. But just imagine 50 adolescents stuck in a bus together, with minimal adult supervision, for 15 hours and you can get an […]

You Are Here: Mid-Year Goal Check-Ins

We all know about setting goals. If you’ve been around the business world, you’ve probably sat in countless workshops centered around establishing goals, each with their own snappy acronym – SMART, OKR or CLEAR. Many of us have been asked to produce annual goals for evaluation at work. And we […]

Even Superheroes Need a Break

I remember lying in bed one morning thinking, “There is just no way that I can get out of bed and go to work. I am done. I am just staying here. I can’t do it anymore.” Along with these thoughts were my general fatigue, inability to focus, and impatience […]