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Hi, I’m Rev. Dina Steiner, director and coach with Spirit at Work. After spending over 15 years in congregational ministry in the North Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, I moved to London in 2013 with my husband. While serving as a volunteer pastor at an international church, I also took a secular management position in the museum industry. And an interesting phenomenon occurred! As soon as co-workers found out that I was a minister, they started to come to me with the same questions, issues, and problems that my congregants usually come to me with. I enjoyed sharing my spiritual insights and pastoral care, especially with folks who probably wouldn’t have ever attended church or sought out a minister. That started my wheels turning about the possibility of a “spiritual but not religious” approach to workplace care. And, in 2018, when I returned to Austin, TX, I launched Spirit at Work ATX, as an extension ministry of the United Methodist Church. Spirit at Work ATX is the first Austin-based business devoted exclusively to workplace spirituality. We offer individual and team coaching, values and ethics consulting, chaplaincy services and seminars on a wide range of spiritual and personal development topics.

In 2019, after being approached by several clergy for private coaching, I decided to formally expand Spirit at Work to also provide coaching for clergy and congregations, as well as strategic planning, mission and vision consulting, and pastoral care services. The two sides of my work both pursue spiritual health but through two different lenses. For businesses, I offer secular, “spiritual but not religious” services, but for clergy and congregations, my coaching and consulting is defined by my deep Christian faith and the mission of the church to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. One side is a business, but the other is my ministry. In all that I do, however, I bring my passion for people, my compassion for the world, and my desire to see people achieve their goals.

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Austin’s first business focused exclusively on “spiritual but not religious” workplace coaching and consulting.