Clergy Coaching and Congregational Transformation

At Spirit at Work, we believe in the power of the Spirit which moves in all of Creation and unites us together. We are inspired by this Spirit to reach out to fellow clergy and their congregations to offer our support, encouragement, and experience to help you achieve excellence in your own ministries.


Ministry is hard, whether you’re a senior pastor, associate pastor or solo pastor. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while, sometimes we get stuck, and just need a little support to move forward. Often, we’re faced with difficult decisions or transitions, and just need a neutral presence to help us sort through options. A clergy coach can be that person.

Coaching is a discovery-based process where we explore strategies and solutions together. A coach is not there to provide answers but to help you draw on your own strengths and insights to maximize potential. Spirit at Work offers individual and team coaching for a variety of situations:

  • Pastoral or life transitions
  • Leadership skills
  • Developing lay leadership
  • Conflict resolution
  • Work/Life balance
  • Spiritual direction
  • Managing growth
  • Stewardship issues

Congregational Resources

In addition to coaching for individual clergy, ministry teams and congregational leadership, Spirit at Work also provides customized programs for strategic planning, mission and vision-setting, volunteer development, and transformational leadership.

Spirit at Work’s mission is to share our wisdom, experience and passion with clergy and congregations in order to empower them to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.